Indoor Cycling Studio. We don't just Ryde, We Ryde Real

About Souplesse Cycle

So where do I begin...

Having lived in Dubai for more than 20 years it's safe to say when it comes to indoor cycling I've pretty much seen and done every class known to man! And then on one frightful night in October 2012 I stumbled into a class in which had this bike that would change my life forever, and a love affair began, which is still burning just as bright to this day!

What was this? This isn't what I expected? It MOVES...!!! These were the questions running through my head as my mind began to wonder. There is a saying "Love at first sight" well without a doubt this was "Love at first Ryde" for me.

Then like a Eureka moment it dawned on me... "Why isn't this bike anywhere else?" So from that moment the idea was born to design and build my own studio for other like-minded people. For the next 2 years with the love and support of my family and friends, my incredible business partner and RealRyder® we proudly bring to you Souplesse Cycle powered by RealRyder® Indoor Cycling.

Souplesse meaning "Suppleness" in French, is the holy grail of cycling and we firmly believe RealRyder® enables you to achieve it. Hand Positions, Ryding Positions, Techniques and Movements all refer to the fluidity, which Ryders strive for on a bike. That's what Souplesse Cycle is here for, letting you experience RealRyder® like you are on a road bike.

Our "Rockstars" that's what we call our great instructors and a state of the art studio with incredible lights and sound system will take your Ryding experience to the level you didn't think it was possible!

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The Future of Indoor Cycling is Here! So for those of you always ahead of the game.

Be One of Us - Ryde Real!

With Love